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In order to find a life balance within the infinite array of human conditions and relationships, one must first find the influential harmony of the self and the physical, mental and spiritual states of well-being.


I wrote the poetic stories from those points of view; the physical (The Reperception of Circadian Rhythm), the mental (The Weight of a Suggestion), and the spiritual (Ambrosian Absolution).


The elusive definitive harmony we seek is in the mind of the reader.

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Available in Paperback or Jacketed Hardcover

Ambrosian Absolution

bel canto of love

This is the third and final book in the series of The Reperception of Circadian Rhythm and The Weight of a Suggestion.  This Ambrosian Absolution takes the reader out of the profound darkness of love and life and back into the light; closing the doors left open.

In this powerful, dramatic, and poetically masterminded opera, the author, Steven G. Deaton, takes us into his world of love and life.  Torn between two Queens, he shares passion and guilt about an undying love for both; a respectable commitment to one and a disturbing commitment to the other.

He describes what each of the Queens mean to him in his heart felt portrayal of love all the while questioning the Father of All in search for the answers of life. He finally finds peace within and the strength to move forward by granting the one last request of his father.

Ambrosian Absolution

Available in Paperback

The Weight of a Suggestion

Criminal intentions, Capital poetry

In this masterfully crafted sequel to The Reperception of Circadian Rhythm, author Steven G. Deaton takes the reader a little deeper into the darker theater of relationships and down the dimly lit hallways that bind war, law enforcement and flying as he knows it to be.

Mr. Deaton allows the reader his own prejudices and understanding by examining the dark and the light of love through the twilight scope of middle age madness, unencumbered and wickedly smart.

Take flight, dear reader, if you can, on a poetic journey through the corridors of lighted passion and darker nights that define what we all seek: Truth.

The poetic power of The Weight of a Suggestion will keep you reading and talking and wanting more.

The Weight

Available in Paperback

The Repercetion of Circadian Rhythm

Sleep, Eat, Drink, Love, Reproduce, Travel and Poetry Revisited

Author Steven G. Deaton reveals his ability to take the ordinary and twist it into rousing poetic statements.  His words act as a backdrop that permits the reader to vividly see into his world of war, law enforcement and flying.  Mr Deaton occomplishes this by infusing violence with tenderness, humor with sorrow and anguish with gratification.

Present is a disconcerting nuance in the way Mr. Deaton expresses himself.  His writing is masterful, filled with both extraordinary and disquieting statements.  He has the power to turn simple words into forceful and evocative proclamation.


The harrowing, cynical and at the same time, humorous words of Mr. Deaton's poetry and prose will linger on in the readers mind long after the book is put down.

The Reperception
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